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Well, this is the very last photoshoot for LJNTM. It's been an interesting 5 years. There have been sooooo many amazing shoots, as well as extremely terrible ones. We've had over 100 participants, 7 communities, I don't even know how many judges, a countless (i'm too lazy to count them all; therefore, they are countless ;p) number of themes, and a crapload of fun. I'm going to miss you guys. Thanks so much to all of the judges, everyone that ever took time out to do graphics or maintain the website, everyone that ever had to deal with my temper (lol),all the people that left good comments and suggestions, and everyone that actually stuck it out until the end. I realize I never said it often, but you all are appreciated more than you'll ever know.

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The end of LJNTM is drawing near, and I'm in need of music for the final video.  If you know of any songs that you think would be appropiate for a video, please leave the names and the artists they're by in this entry.  The video will focus on all 15 cycles, so several songs will be needed.


Final Theme

Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight.  With the paprazzi always on the lookout, it's important for someone always in the limelight to look effortlessly gorgeous whether they're grabbing groceries, heading to a party, leaving an airport, shooting a film, or on vacation in a seemingly private locale.  Your final challenge is to portray yourself as a consistantly fashionable celebrity that is a magnet for cameras and crazy paparazzos. 


1. Please submit 8 pictures (b&w is optional), no larger than 600 x 800 pixels (RESIZE YOUR PICTURES) to

2. Take pictures in an area that best suits the theme.  THEY MUST BE TAKEN AT A LOCATION OTHER THAN YOUR HOUSE.  Go to the mall, a park, walk down the street, etc.  Think up something!  Get a group of friends together and take pictures with them (as long as you remain the focus).

3. Hair, make-up, and wardrobe should compliment the theme.  All are extremely crucial.  Really think out your wardrobe for this, and if you have to, e-mail me for help.

4. Text may be used.

5. Remember, this is a fashion spread and your last opportunity to impress the judges.  Keep in mind that these shots are supposed to look candid, but its also important that you look FABULOUS.  Study the inspiration pictures, and notice how most pictures involve movement of some sort.  So, even if your picture is taken mid-sentence, you better look good.  It's not as easy as your think.

6. Photoshop is allowed.

7. Test shots are due by 11 pm EASTERN STANDARD time on Sunday, July 5th.

8. Photoshoots are due by 8:00 pm, EASTERN STANDARD time on Thursday, July 9th.

9. No extensions are granted for final themes.

fab Julie

Final Theme #1


This week you will be doing a color coded photo spread. You may use any color(s) of the rainbow but please isolate these colors for each photo or use them in a spectrum (for instance there may be a "blue" themed photo or "green" themed photo and/or a photo that includes all the colors of the rainbow).

1. Please submit 6 pictures, no larger than 600 x 800 pixels (RESIZE YOUR PICTURES) to

2. Hair, make-up, and wardrobe should complement your photo spread.

3. We would like to see beautyshots as well as full length body shots this week.

4. Light photoshopping is allowed. If you want your pictures edited, submit them atleast 24 hours before the deadline, and specify what it is you'd like to have done.

5. Test shots are due by 11 pm EASTERN STANDARD time on Saturday, June 20th.

6. Photoshoots are due by 8:00 pm, EASTERN STANDARD time on Tuesday, June 23th.

7. Extensions are to be used for emergency purposes only.

Final theme #2 will be posted next week.

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