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Seven Day Art Challenge

Former Home of LiveJournal's Next Top Model

Seven-Day Art Challenge
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Former home of the LiveJournal version of the reality tv show, America's Next Top Model.

Welcome to 1topmodel, former home of Livejournal's original top model simulation competition, and current home of fun Seven Day Art Challenges.  Everyone is an artist in their own unique way.  The purpose of our art challenges is to encourage everyone to create something new more often.  There is no competing against one another; just against ourselves.  Feel free to participate!

LiveJournal's Next Top Model was founded in June of 2004.  After a difficult start, jumping from community to community for the first few cycles, countless copycats and drama you wouldn't believe, LJNTM reigned supreme.  It gave DEDICATED aspiring models/photographers and hobbyists the opportunity to take amazing pictures for their portfolios, was a great source for feedback and critiques, and allowed contestants and viewers alike,  to simply have fun!  If you'd like to see everything that happened over 5 amazing years, please feel free to browse the community.

Click on a button to see that cycle.
Profile Layout credit goes to noveltybox. Layout credit goes to premade_ljs.
FAQs Visit LJNTMPics to see portfolios.

-Each week a new theme will be assigned in which participants will create new art based off of the theme.

-Art can be in the form of ANY media.  The world is your oyster.

-Please put all art containing nudity behind an LJ-cut, and label it "NSFW".

-Late submissions are highly discouraged.  Assignments will be due by 4:00 pm Eastern Standard time on the 7th day.  There will be a 6 hour grace period.  Works of art not submitted by midnight on the 7th day will be rejected unless you notify a moderator prior to the deadline.  Just want to keep confusion at a minimum! 

-This is a commitment to yourself, and we're merely here to encourage you!  Good luck!  Excessive use of it should not be necessary. 

-Please be kind and courteous to everyone in this community.

-Please do not promote other communities here.

-Everyone is free (and encouraged) to give their feedback, but please let it be constructive.